IT Support

At Parasoul, we specialize in providing comprehensive support to streamline your online business operations.

From setting up essential tools to organizing various resources, we ensure that every aspect of your online presence is optimized for success. Whether it’s implementing eCommerce platforms like Shopify, integrating marketing tools, or managing inventory and financial systems, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

With our tailored approach, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the technical details, ensuring a seamless and efficient online operation

Our IT Support Services

Email & Domain

Whether you already own a domain or not we can help you manage the techy bits and set them up for you 

Google Workspace

Collaborate with your team and get everything you need to get work done online in a single place

API Integrations & Reporting

Automatically import data from your favourite applications and generate custom reports

A Solution For Every Business

Whether you are a new, growing or established business we can help you set up all the tools you need to work online.

Email & Domain

We’ll take care of setting up and transferring your domain to your new service provider, managing your DNS records, Web Hosting and other technical aspects.

Help with Domain management DNS set up

Google Workspace

We can help you manage and set up your Google Workspace environment so that you have access to all productivity online tools in a single place.

Google workspace application integration

API Integration & Reporting

We can develop custom integrations and reports with your favourite tools like Shopify, Google Analytics, Google Sheets and more.

Integration between multiple Shopify stores and Google sheets with custom comparison reports

Custom App Script Reporting for Google Sheets

Integration between Shopify and Google Sheets to easily edit and upload a large number of products 

paraflow google sheets add-on for shopify

Do you like spreadsheets and Shopify?

Check out our free Google Sheets add-on for editing products in Shopify: ParaSynch.

Our Speciality Areas


G-Suite Admin


DNS Zone Set up


Email routing


Sales & margin reporting


Google Sheets / Excel


App Script

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IT Support & Custom Development