How to edit and upload Shopify products from Google Sheets

Shopify products Editor for Google Sheets

For our biggest client, The Specialist Audio Company, In the last few years we created a Shopify products editor tool that allows them to create and edit Shopify product attributes such as tags, prices and images, using a simple Google Sheets spreadsheet. This tool, called Paraflow, simplify the editing and uploading process of multiple products for Shopify, allowing you to make the most of the flexibility and functionality of tables in Google Sheets and work on data with the help of tools like filters, formulas, search and replace functions and so on.


We have now launched ParaSync, a free Google Sheets add-on that lets you edit and update Shopify products directly from a spreadsheet. Learn more about ParaSync.



Paraflow Google Sheets Add-on



Working with the Shopify products template

The main problem when working with the Shopify products template in a .csv format is that, for one product, you’ll have one row for each variant and one for each image. For example, if you want to sell a summer hat that has 2 sizes and 10 images, the product in the spreadsheet will have at least 10 rows, one for each image. This will result in a huge number of rows if you need to work on multiple products at once, making the standard Shopify product template very inconvenient to work with.


Shopify Product Template


Editing Products and adding new Images

Our tool, Paraflow, resolve this issue by separating the images data from the rest of the product data. This means your ‘product data’ will be on a separate sheet from that of your “images data”. The ‘product data,’ (or Product Editor) sheet will only have one row for each product variant, making it very easy editing and filling attributes like prices, barcodes and so on. Referring to the example above, you’ll only have two rows in total, rather than ten.


Paraflow Shopify Product Editor


Paraflow Shopify Images


At the same time, another sheet will be provided for those products with no images, giving you an organised structure for creating, naming and uploading new Shopify products images.


Paraflow Shopify Missing Images


Shopify Tags Editor

Another major issue our Shopify products editor solves is the ability to edit product Tags. By default, in Shopify’s .csv product template, each product has all tags grouped together in a single cell, dividing by a comma. This makes it fairly impossible to see them clearly and work on them. Our tool addresses this issue by separating each tag and assigning them to a table where each tag has its own column.


Paraflow Shopify Tag Editors


For example, if you have a product with tags like, “clearance,new,used”, in the tag cell, the Tags Editor sheet will assign them to three unique columns, one named “clearance”, one for “new”, one for “used. This allows you to easily check, create add new tags to all your products. In addition to single-word tags like ‘new’ or ‘used’, Paraflow supports key_value tags separated by an underscore symbol such as condition_new, condition_used. In this case, the Tags Editor will only show one column, named “condition” and each product will have its relative values like “new “or “used”.



We have now launched ParaSync, a free Google Sheets add-on that lets you edit and update Shopify products directly from a spreadsheet. Learn more about ParaSync.


Become a Beta Tester!

This was only a little preview of the features and capabilities of Paraflow, In fact, you can quickly edit or upload a bunch of products with all attributes nicely filled in using this tool. Currently, we are in the process of testing Paraflow with other companies to see where it can be optimised. If you think this Shopify product editor tool could be useful to your business and you are interested in testing the beta version for free, send us a message using the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to use our tool all product variants need to have an SKU associated to them. You can read more about why and how to use an SKU in this article from Shopify.   Since this add-on works in a spreadsheet, we assume you are familiar with either Google Sheets or Excel.



If you need help with Shopify, whether it’s about uploading products, theme customisation or website design, feel free to contact us and see what we can do for you If you want to read more about Shopify, check out our blog.


How to edit Shopify product tags and other fields in Google Sheets – Video



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